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Our digestives

Brandy  4cl (G. MICLO Lapoutroie)

Mirabelle, Pear, Raspberry, Alisier, White broth (Mullein flower),

Marc de Gewürztraminer,old plum


Heating heartMirabelle or Raspberry 45% 4cl (G. MICLO Lapoutroie)

The selection of fresh, ripe and sugar-laden fruits, as well as the work carried out on the monitoring of fermentations, makes it possible to obtain before distillation the irreproachable raw material necessary for the development of a beautiful eau-de-vie. At the end of fermentation or maceration, we carry out a double distillation. It is during the second distillation, that our distiller will select the most intense part in aromas in the middle of the toast: "the heart of distillation". From this heart, we will take 50L, where the flavor of the fruit is the most concentrated and intense, which will give rise to our “Coeur de Chauffe”. The eau-de-vie is then aged for 4 years in our stainless steel tanks. The very short heart of our "Coeur de Chauffe" will allow you to discover the finest eaux-de-vie, with a beautiful nose, a heady fragrance and an exceptional length in the mouth.


Génépi  bio 40% vol (4cl)

Lachanenche artisanal distillery


Organic BLACK genepi 40% vol (4cl)

Lachanenche artisanal distillery

Ubaye Valley


Fernet Branca 35% (4cl)


Amaretto (4cl)


GIN Super Brossard 47% (4cl)

La Grange de Saint Croix distillery in Plaine


Japanese Whiskey TOKI 43% (4cl)

Soft round, fresh, citrus notes, grains and spicy finish.


Get 27 (4cl)


Calvados Pays d'Auge 12 years old (4cl)

Domaine de Semainville Adrien Camut


Miclo liqueur (4cl)    

raspberry - fir


Limencello BIO Lachanenche  (4cl)

French artisanal manufacturing


Our Rum (4cl)

Rum President:11.00

Rum Plantation Pine apple 40°: 8.50€

Rum HSE: 8.50


Bumbu spiced rum is made from sugar cane from eight countries in the Antilles and South America. It has benefited from a long aging bringing balance and softness to the rich and complex character, typical of the distillery located on the island of Barbados.

Organic Cognac VSOP (4cl)

Brand Blanchard


Cognac Old Organic Reserve VSOP (4cl)

Brand Blanchard


Bas Armagnac 1991 Dartigalongue (4cl)

Bottling in September  2021



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